The Association was formed in September 1996, after two founder members, Vic Chanter and Ken Kent, who served aboard the cruiser Phoebe in 1941, advertised for former shipmates to meet them in a hotel in Nottingham, just to ‘swing the lamp’.  To their amazement 22 shipmates turned up, not all from the 1941 era; some from later years, and the latter day frigate. Between them it was decided that an association should be formed and, as it was believed that an HMS Phoebe Association was already in existence, it was decided to call the new group the HMS Phoebe Cruiser Association.  Enquiries revealed that there had been an HMS Phoebe Association set up by shipmates of the latter day frigate, but which had very few members,  it was found to have stopped operating.  Once this was confirmed, the association was renamed, and by the first AGM/Reunion it had grown to 150 members. Numbers grew as more heard of the association, and the purpose of this web site is to spread knowledge of the existence of the association





The Association exists to promote comradeship between those who served, either on the cruiser or the frigate that bore the Phoebe name, their families and friends.

Please browse the site and feel free to give feedback to the webmaster. If you have stories about the Phoebe or its crews, or you have photographs that you think others may like to see, please contact the webmaster. All photographs will be returned.












The association is easy going and friendly and consists of shipmates of all ages and ranks. Reunion weekends take place annually in various locations to equal out the traveling shipmates have to make. A bi-monthly newsletter is published to keep members up to date with news, views, photographs and trivia sent in by the members.   Full members must have served aboard the ‘Phoebe’ (either cruiser or frigate), but wives, other relatives and friends are welcomed as Associated members.  Cost of membership is £7.50 per annum for full membership and £5.00 per annum for associated membership.  Apply to the web master for a joining form












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